Kimmie's Story

"Kimmie's Coffee Cup" has a very unique story in that it is destiny that Kimmie, who literally fought for her life, is now actually doing what she was saved to do. This destiny is to spread love and happiness to everyone that enters her life, be it through the doors of her restaurants, or the door of her home. Here at Kimmie's Coffee Cup Kim has created a warm and cozy place with great comfort food.

Kim's story begins as a 15-day old baby who is rushed to the hospital and for the next 50 years, would have to fight for her life due to congenital heart disease. She has had 5 open heart surgeries in her lifetime. Her first was at 15 days old and her latest was at 40 years old. You would never know how hard she has fought by looking at her, but you can see the gratitude and love that she has for life, written all over her face, and you can feel the kindness that she has for others pouring out of her weakened heart.

Kim was a single mom raising 2 daughters and did what she had to do to make ends meet. She took a job at a popular diner in Buena Park and after a few years, decided that she wanted a place of her own. With a little help from a friend, she was able to open her first Kimmie's Coffee Cup in Fullerton, in the fall of 2001.

She met Mike, the man that she would later marry, and together they opened the second Kimmie's Coffee Cup in Brea, in the fall of 2003. Kimmie's dream has expanded beyond her wildest expectations and will continue to do so with the love and support of family and friends.

So,the moral of this story is live well, laugh often and love always, as this is Kim's motto.

Without the help of the American Red Cross and millions of heroes that daily share the gift of life by donating blood, Kimmie and Kimmie's Coffee Cup would not be here today.

So be a hero. Give Blood.